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Nursery Gallery & Work 21/22


This week we read the story Billy’s Bucket. It was then our task to decorate a bucket with patterns using coloured sand.

Rosie said, “Making a sand bucket.”

Eve said, “Putting spots on.”

Evie said, “Mine’s going to have stripes and spots.”

The children enjoyed making patterns with shells in the playdough.

Lily said, “Making a pattern.”

Franklin said, “Look, it’s all bumpy.”

Melia said, “Look at all the patterns!”

Last week, we listened to the story Sharing a Shell in focus groups then recalled parts of the story. The challenge was to make our own starfish using Cheerios.

Eviie said, “Making a starfish, that’s in the sea.”

Harper said, “Put these on.”

Harley said, “My starfish is hiding from the shark.”

Jack said, “That’s a circle, look Miss Cook.”

This week we read the story The Rainbow Fish. It was then our task to make a fish using a paper plate and different coloured tissue paper.

Fraya said, “That’s its special shiny scale”

Cruz said, “Need lots of glue first.”

Melody said, “Lots of colours like the rainbow.”

Jaiden said, “Going to put lots of colours on.”

The children enjoyed practising their cutting skills. They used leaflets of interesting places to visit to cut out.

Ethan said, “I’m cutting her out.”

Boden said, “She’s dressing up.”

Leighton said, “Look at this ride.”

Ocean said, “I’m cutting these words out.”

Billy said, “I’m cutting the train out.”

Last week, we listened to the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch in focus groups then recalled parts of the story. The challenge was to make our own lighthouses using rolls and tissue paper.

Melia said, “Put the light on the top.”

Harry said, “it’s red and white. That’s the light to help the ships see.”

Dakota said, “Going to put the glue on, then put it round.”

Nicole said, “The lights so the ships don’t crash.”

Jubilee Celebrations!

In nursery, the children wore the crowns they had decorated in class. We sang the nursery rhyme Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat where have you been. Then we enjoyed our celebration food.

Leo said, “Sparkles.”

Nicole said, “It’s about the queen.”

We talked about the routes we take in school. We ordered pictures of places we pass when going to the garden, yard or to PE. 

Cruz said, “Through the sliding doors.”

Melody said, “Over the zebra crossing.”

Willow said, “Pass soft play, past the office, over the crossing and to the garden gates.”

This week we read the story Little Red Riding Hood. It was then our task to make patterned picnic rugs for Little Red Riding Hood to take to grandma’s house.

Dylan S said, “It’s spots. I had spots when I had chicken pox!”

Eviie said, “Spots, stripes like lines.”

Melia said, “Hearts.”

We explored floating and sinking materials in the water tray to decide which material would be best for Gingerbread Man to cross safely over the river.

With Miss Pennock, we mixed ingredients together to make gingerbread men to eat in class and decorated a mini gingerbread man to take home or to eat on the way home. 

Pippa said, “I’m going to make my gingerbread man later.”

Oliver said, “He’s happy.”

Rhkiya said, “Need to press it down hard.”

Harry said, “Going to use these for his eyes.”

Last week, we listened to the story The Gingerbread Man in focus groups then recalled parts of the story. Using different resources, we were able to make a gingerbread man with play dough.

Lukas said, “That’s his buttons.”

Nevaeh said, “Two eyes.”

Evie said, “I’m making another gingerbread man.”

This term the children are looking at stories, such as The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. Last week the children enjoyed listening to the story The Three little Pigs and recalling the story in focus groups. The children have enjoyed looking at different homes around the world. Using textured resources the children created homes. With play dough, the children made pig faces using different resources.

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  

Ethan said, “Wolf huff and puff and blow the house down.”

Pippa said, “Wolf knocked on the door and piggy said not on my chinny, chin, chin. The wolf blow the house.”

Dalton said, “That’s a mud house. Looks like a caravan.”

Nicole said, “It looks like a dog house.”

Rosie said, “Making a house with these squashy things.”

Billy said, “It’s soft like a sponge.”

Franklin said, “It’s a pig, look at his nose.”

Nevaeh said, “Piggy.”

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have printed bears in order of height, made bears faces out of dough and made porridge to talk about the changes to the ingredients when making the porridge, textures and to compare weights.

Layton said, “That’s the tallest and that’s the smallest.”

Melia said, “That’s daddy bear, that’s baby bear.”

Boden said, “Roll it.”

Lily said, “Sad bear.”

Billy said, “Making it wet now.”

Eviie said, “That’s heavy.”

This term the children will be looking at stories, such as The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story The Little Red Hen and recalling the story in focus groups. The children have created salt dough bread for a display in school. The children have planted cress and then looked after the seeds by watering them to watch them grow. The children have enjoyed feeling the texture of different bread from around the world and looking at the countries flags.

Eviie said, “You need to knead the bread.”

Billy said, “You need flour, salt and water and then you mix it altogether.”

Dalton said, “I can do it. Mix it all up.”

Jay said, “I’m sticky. It’s on my hands.”

Harley picked up a small cup and said, “I need this to make a circle.”

Leighton said, “You need sunlight and water to make the seeds grow.”

Willow said, “If you don’t water it, it’ll not grow.”

Dylan S said, “It feels like SpongeBob.”

Cole said, “It looks like a doughnut.”

The children have enjoyed reading the story Superbat and recalling the story in focus groups. The children have created bats using paper shapes. The children have saved bats, using tweezers, from the jelly quicksand. The children have stamped numbers in the black play dough and then represented the numbers using their fingers or by doing actions.

For Mother’s Day, the children enjoyed creating flowers with straws and tissue paper petals.

Harper said, “Making bat.”

Scarlett said, “Needs ears to hear with.”

Nicole said, “My bats got sharp teeth.”

Jaiden said, “Getting the bats out of the quicksand.”

Layton said, “One, two, three, four, five bats in the quicksand.”

Willow said, “Making lots of numbers in the playdough.”

Rosie said, “Making a flower.”

Connie said, “Need lots of petals.”    


Over the last few weeks in Nursery, we have been learning about healthy eating and superheroes. We enjoyed creating the evil pea from the Supertato story and have been recalling the story in focus groups. We then painted plates green and added eyes as well as made superheroes with play dough and a range of other resources. In the water tray, we enjoyed a challenge of using droppers to fill containers carefully with coloured water.

Romani said, “I’m making the evil pea. He’s going to get the vegetables.”

Pippa said, “You need to eat fruit and vegetables.”

Willow said, “My superhero is strong.”

Evie said, “My superhero is fast.”

Rhyika said, “Look at my superhero, Miss Cook.”

Connie said, “Big superhero.”

Ocean said, “It’s nearly full now.”

Leo said, “Full.”

In Nursery, this term the children will be learning about mini-beasts, healthy eating, superheroes, wild animals, being eco-friendly and to be positive about themselves.

This week, we have been learning about different mini-beasts. The children have enjoyed fixing cubes together to compare different lengths of worms. The children have been saving mini-beasts from the water tray using nets. With dough, the children have been making parts of mini-beasts, such as legs or wings. The children have found the correct number of mini-beasts hidden in soil to match number to quantity. In the classroom children have used magnifying glasses to search for mini-beasts in the classroom and dressed up as a spider, butterfly, ladybird or wasp.

Dylan said, “Ladybird.”

Gabriella said, “I need four bugs. One, two, three, four.”

Evie said, “I’m making butterfly wings.”

Carter said, “Spider.”

Joshua said, “That’s four.”

Harry said, “My worms really long.”

Billy said, “My worms long.”

Dakota said, “Look at the butterfly.”

Eviie said, “I’m a spider. I’ve got lots of legs.”

Melia said, “I’m a ladybird.”        

In Nursery, the children have been train drivers ordering numbered carriages to ten. The children have been farmers planting vegetables and looking after animals. One activity saw the children trying to match people and the vehicles they use in their job. Outside, the children have been busy builders making walls, homes and towers.

Layton said, ”Need six next.”

Willow said, “Eight then nine.”

Fraya said, “Need to look after animals.”

Scarlett said, “So the animals don’t get out.”

Jay said, “Police car. Police man.”

Leo said, “Vroom! Vroom!”

Harley said, “It’s ginormous!”

Cole said, “It’s falling down.”

Last week the children enjoyed talking about different occupations. The children were explorers. They watched and talked about ice melting in the water tray. The children were chefs making biscuits. They enjoyed mixing ingredients, rolling out the mixture and then using a star shaped cutter to create star biscuits. The next day they choose from a selection of things to decorate their biscuits with.

Rhyika said, ”I’m a hairdresser cutting her hair.”

Nicole said, “I’m a builder fixing the wall.”

Fraya said, “I’m a farmer and look after the animals.”

Kiana said, “Builder.”

Gabriella said, “The ice is melting.”

Jaiden said, “I’m going to break the ice.”

Melia said, “Ned to mix it all in.”

Joshua said, “Mixing the butter.”

Romani said, “Need to press it down.”

Zara said, “My biscuit.”

This week the children have listened to and then talked about what happens in different robot stories. The children have talked about the uses of different technology. In class, the children have enjoyed making robots with dough and sorting objects into magnetic or not magnetic.

Nicole said, ”The rocket goes to the moon, to outer space.”

Ethan said, “My mam and dad press the buttons and money comes out.”

Scarlett said, “I watch youtube and play games on my computer.”

Billy said, “That’s my robot, he can wash up.”

Dylan S said, “I’ve made a robot.”

Cruz said, “Look it’s sticking to the magnet.”

Franklin said, “I’m picking them up.”

Last week the children were learning about re-cycling to help save the environment. The children watched clips on Rocky the Paw Patrol recycle pup, a Peppa Pig recycling episode and how rubbish can harm sea creatures and cause water pollution. The children sorted the junk modelling materials into plastic and paper. In the water tray, the children had to save sea life by recovering plastic waste.

Kiana said, ”Recycle, reduce, reuse!”

Dalton said, “That paper goes there!”

Gabriella said, “That’s plastic and that’s paper.”

Jaiden said, “Taking the plastic out, so it doesn’t hurt the animals.”

The children have make jellyfish and crabs from paper plates.

Nursery said:

Ethan said, “Going to do a jellyfish.”

Jay said, “Putting eyes on.”

The children have enjoyed placing the correct amount of figures onto numbered puddles (blue paper) and singing the nursery rhyme Doctor Foster.

Nursery said:

Harley said, “It’s five people.”

Joshua said, “One, two, three, four people.”

This terms topic is on water.

This week saw the children looking at sea life and they have been using tweezers to save sea life from polluted water (jelly). This activity was to encourage hand and eye co-ordination. Some children even managed to place the correct amount of sea life into numbered bowls.

Two year olds said:

Lily said, ”Look fish!”

Nevaeh said, “Oh shark!”

Nursery said:

Harry said, “That’s number three. I need three.”

Fraya said, “Got to put them in slowly or you’ll hurt them.”

Gabriella said, “Got two, I need one more.”

Anti-Bullying Week

To talk about being kind to others, Jeffrey the persona doll came to Nursery. He said other children were not being kind to him. The children discussed ways to help Jeffrey and to be kind to others.

Dylan R said, “Give him a cuddle.”

Cruz said, “Need to share our toys.”

Eviie said, “Play with our friends.”

Gabriella said, “We say no I don’t like that and tell the teachers.”

Scarlett said, “Need to have kind hands and feet. Sharing is caring.”

Our Nursery children said:

Melody said, “It’s rolling fast.”

Layton said, “Lots of lines.”

Evie said, “Wow! Look at my picture.”

Eviie said, “Making a poppy.”

Harley said, “Need it flat.”

Romani said, “Got to colour it all.”    

Last week in nursery, the children enjoyed rolling marbles covered in different coloured paint on black paper to make bonfire pictures. This week the children have enjoyed making poppies. The children choose red chalk or crayon to colour paper bun cases. The children then glued on black pompoms for the centre of the poppy. For the stalk, the children used lolly sticks.

Our two year olds said:

Nevaeh said, “Oh!”

Kiana said, “Marble’s rolling.”

Our Nursery children said:

Romani said, “King in his castle.”

Joshua said, “Making food to eat.”

Gabriella said, “Using these shapes to make a castle.”

Willow said, “Three triangles. It’s a castle!”

Dylan R said, “Sprinkles on.”

Billy said, “Runny icing.”    

Princesses and castles

Last week in nursery, the children enjoyed being kings, princesses and knights. The children used 2d shapes to make castles. They decorated strips of card to make crowns. The children enjoyed playing with figures in the castle. At the end of the week, children choose from different icing and toppings to decorate their own cake.

Our two year olds said:

Rosie said, “Sparkly crown.”

Gracie said, “Castle.”

Kiana said, “Triangle.”

Our Nursery children said:

Dalton said, “Argh! a pirate.”

Boden said, “Going to be a pirate.”

Willow said, “Making a telescope. What can I see?”

Fraya said, “I’m a pirate!”


This weeks’ snuggle up for a story, read by one of the nursery staff, is Ten Little Pirates. This week in nursery, we have had a number treasure hunt, making telescopes and eyepatches. We have talked about treasure and asked the children what their treasure would be at home.

Our two year olds said:

Leo said, “Coin.”

Arabella said, “One.”

Our Nursery children said:

Connie said, “That’s a one and a one. Two ones.”

Nicole said, “Look a number four.”

Interests and preferences.  

This week our theme has been our interests and preferences. In focus time, the children have been talking about what they like to do in Nursery and what they like to eat.

Our two year olds said:

Nevaeh said, “Painting.”

Kiana said, “Monster.”

Settling in.  

Wow, what a start to the Nursery term! The children have settled in and are enjoying exploring all the indoor and outdoor areas. The children have had lots of fun painting, drawing and reading. Nursery would like to thank parents and children for all the support.

Gabriella said, “I can get up here.”

Romani said, “What’s that?”

Dylan said, “I’m cutting it.”

Evie said, “I’m playing with the diggers.”