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Derwent Hill 2022


Day 1
Everyone has been very busy this afternoon.
Mrs Anderson’s group have been walking up Latrigg, been on the low ropes and are going on a night walk.
Mr Stewart’s group have been on the high ropes and are also going on a night walk this evening.
Day 2
Both groups were out hiking yesterday and the evening was spent doing Task Master challenges in the house. Mrs Anderson reports that there were plenty of sleepy children last night after their exertions!

Day 3

Mrs Anderson’s group spent a lovely morning on the lake in windy conditions. We rowed out, turned, put our paddles in the air as sails and were blown back to the jetty…at speed! Great fun.
This afternoon we scrambled up Honister Gill. We were soon soaked to the skin but having a fantastic time. Some of our team even tried out a wild shower!
Meanwhile, Mr Stewart's group were gorge walking and on the 'death swing'
Day 4
Mrs Anderson’s group explored the grounds this morning trying out hand at orienteering. Our instructor was impressed with our skills!
This afternoon we visited an old copper and lead mine! We walking deep inside the mountain where the temperature was very cold and experienced pitch black for the first time. Lots of fun and very interesting too!
Mr Stewart's group learned how to build their own camp fire, making their own hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows!
On Thursday evening it’s down to the Highfield staff to entertain us so we took a photo opportunity in from of this amazing building and had some fun in the park. On the walk home we saw the sunset on our memorable adventure!
Day 5:
The last activity for Mrs Anderson’s group and the event we had all been waiting for was the big swing and what a challenge it was! When everything inside your head tells you not to jump off and you still do, it is a huge thrill. We all attempted at least the climb up the ladders (which was scary in itself!) and we were very proud of our efforts!
Mr Stewart’s group were busy orienteering and out in the canoes.
This brought us to the end of a week full of challenge, success, resilience and team work. It wasn’t always easy, but we did it and will never forget our trip to Derwent Hill 2022!

Derwent Hill 2021


Below is a selection of photos from our weekend residential at Derwent Hill, which took place in July. Click on the images below to view in full size.


All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and pushed themselves to do things they wouldn't normally do. We were incredibly proud of everyone for being fantastic ambassadors to Highfield Academy during their stay and for the enthusiasm and camaraderie, encouraging each other when faced with challenges.