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Year 4 (CLASS 12 & 13) - 2020/21


We have been creating Egyptian neck collars this week using paper plates, fine liners and felt tips. We researched designs for inspiration and to make them realistic!

Based on the text Egyptian Cinderella, we have written a description of the main character, Rhodopis. We have used lots of powerful vocabulary and similes. We were really proud of our ideas and the final piece!

During this week in Year 4 we have been working hard on completing our amazing characters descriptions! We also had a brilliant P.E lesson on the field with Mr Stewart, practising our hand-eye coordination and catching skills!  

This week in Year 4 we loved making meringue nests with the chefs. They tasted so sweet and the fruit was refreshing! They were the perfect treat in the sunny weather.

This week we all selected a new book to read from our school library. We love the calm, peaceful space and were all engrossed in our books!

We took part in a dodgeball afternoon run by a coach from Farringdon! We learnt the importance of teamwork and communication, and created orbs using hoops that we had to defend!

Throughout past week in Year 4 we have been working hard on our current Maths focus, Decimals! The children have worked hard to learn the different decimal place value columns (tenths and hundredths).

Based on our Ancient Egyptian topic, we wrote setting descriptions of the River Nile. Because we wanted the reader to really feel like they were there, we explored a wide range of vocabulary based on the 5 senses and used inspiration from the book The Egyptian Cinderella.

World Mental Health Week

The theme of Mental Health Week this year is ‘Connect with nature’. In Year 4, we decided to take our learning outside and enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by nature.

We created tea light holders and painted them in our school courtyard. We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds and feeling on sun our skin. We felt calm and relaxed and we used inspiration from the colourful plants to paint our tealight holders.

We explored our courtyard and discovered we have many different types of flowers. We smelt them and we used words such as fragrant, perfumed and scented to describe them. We created a collection of words which we are then going to use in our English work.

We enjoyed listening to our class novel in the garden. It felt peaceful surrounded by nature and we really enjoyed the quiet space to read outside of the classroom.

This week in Year 4 we have been enjoying getting stuck into our topic, Ancient Egypt! The children have been building up to writing their own  setting description based on a scene from the River Nile. We have also created our very own silhouettes of this setting, first choosing our own colour for the sunset, and then adding features into the foreground. Everyone has worked extremely hard, and we cannot wait to start crafting our very own Death Masks and Canopic jars next week!

Memory Jars

Reflecting on the past year, we have designed memory jars to remind us of everything we have enjoyed doing over the past year. It felt really positive to look back on what we have achieved and the new things we have learnt.

We have been using paints to begin to add colour to our 3D sculptures We have started with grey paint and will gradually add layers of orange, reds and yellows.

Crafty Clay

As part of a whole class project, we have started making clay volcanoes! We used cups to model the clay around which helped us begin to form the volcano shape. We will then be painting them and making them explode in a science experiment!

Mother’s Day Crafts

We had great fun creating cards and wreathes. We made them to give as gifts to someone special in our lives.

Excellent English

We have been working incredibly hard in English to write a set of instructions based on our knowledge of the Romans. As we have previously made Roman shields, we thought it would be a great way to start our time back at school by writing something we were familiar with.

This Is Me!

During the first two weeks back in school, Year 4 have been working extremely hard and the children have adjusted brilliantly to the new routines. We have been focusing on our ‘This is Me’ topic, which has involved reading our new class novel ‘Matilda’ as well as designing self-portraits. During English, the children have also been writing a letter to their teacher, to explain all the unique and wonderful things about them!

New Topic

During the last few weeks in Year 4 we have been working extremely hard! We have started investigating our new topic of ‘Earthquakes and Volcanoes’, including reading our new class novel ‘Escape From Pompeii’. The children have really been enjoying learning different facts about volcanoes and earthquakes as part of small groups.

Year 4 - 2019/20


This week the children had the chance to participate in a 30-minute Judo session, where they were taught how to perform signature moves in a safe environment! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with some more than keen to give it another go!


Quick Sticks Hockey

This term, we were lucky enough to compete in a Quick Sticks Hockey tournament at Farringdon Community Sports College. We developed lots of different hockey skills. We showed fantastic sportsmanship all afternoon, and were a fantastic credit to our school!


Super Science!

The past two weeks have been very exciting for us in Year 4.

In science, as part of our states of matter topic, we have been looking at the different melting points of solids. To test this, we decided to carry out an investigation, using chocolate! We used a stop watch to see how long it would take for one piece of chocolate to melt in our hands. It was messy, but super fun!


We have been working very hard over the last two weeks in English to plan, draft and write our Diary Entry in the style of Lila, from the Fire Work Maker’s Daughter. Have a peek at some of our final published pieces…



‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’


In Year 4, we have made a fantastic start to the academic year. We have started to read our class novel for this term, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. From this story, we have further developed our letter writing skills. We have also been working especially hard to include adjectives in our writing in order to add as much detail as possible! We used pictures from the story to generate ideas as a group.



Letter Writing


This week has been such an exciting week for us here in Class 12!

We have used our new English draft books for the first time, learning how to edit and improve our work. We have written letters and shared them with the rest of the class, so everyone could hear how our chosen character was really feeling.



Solids, Liquids and Gases

In Science, we have been learning all about the three states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and how the particles that make them behave. We went outside, on the yard, to show our understanding of how the particles of solids, liquids and gases behave.



Some of us as gas particles

Some of us as liquid particles