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School Attendance

Is Your Child in School Today?


Every child or young person is entitled to an education. Parents who do not ensure their children receive an appropriate education put their whole future at risk. Being absent from school without a valid reason means a lost learning opportunity.


Good Habits

Regular attendance including punctuality helps your child become reliable and organised - two qualities valued by employers.


All Sunderland Schools are responsible for keeping accurate records of attendance. We will contact you with any concerns they have regarding your child′s attendance. Highfield works closely with school staff, parents, and when necessary, other agencies to help you and your child overcome any attendance problems.


If your child is absent from school and no contact has been made regarding why, we will contact you. We do this with all children who are absent and haven't received a message from a parent or carer.



If your child is absent you should contact the school the same day with the reason for the absence. The school will inform you if your child's absence or lateness causes concern and will work with you to find a way of improving your child's attendance.


Authorised or unauthorised absences

Absences can only be authorised by your child's school. Legitimate reasons for absence, including the following, may be authorised by your child's school:


Medical or dental appointments

(where ever possible these should be arranged outside of school hours).

Days of religious observance

Exceptional family circumstances e.g. bereavement


The following absences will not be authorised by your child's school:

Looking after the house

Looking after brothers and sisters or sick relatives

Parents being ill and not bringing children to school




The Law

All children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16) are required to receive an education. As parents/carers you are responsible for ensuring your child receives an education. You risk criminal prosecution if your child fails to attend regularly, and punctually, at the school where s/he is registered. Prosecutions may result in fines of up to £2,500 and/or the possibility of a three months imprisonment. Courts may at their discretion impose a parenting order or direct the LEA to apply for an Education Supervision Order which puts a child of compulsory school age, who is not being properly educated under Local Education Authority supervision.