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Reception Gallery & Work 21/22


We have also been continuing with our learning of phase 2 phonics and how now learnt half of the sounds! Mrs Telfer has been so impressed with our amazing segmenting and blending!


Phoebe said “I made pig and gas look p..i..g, pig. G..a…s, gas. I loved reading my phonics reading book with mam, I showed her how we do phonics like that, she wrote in my book too!”

We have been experimenting with colour mixing in our classes this week. We discussed what we thought would happen when we mixed colours and tried to make as many new colours as we can using only the primary colours… did you know there are only 3 primary colours: red, blue and yellow? We had so much fun and made lots of new colours, then we used them to make our very own Elmer the Elephant die dye t-shirt!

Charlie said “red and blue make purple”

Evie M said “WOW! It looks just like Elmer, lots of colours!”

We have had another very busy couple of weeks in Reception. Our topic this half term is ‘Colours of the Rainbow’. Last week we enjoyed an afternoon in our secret garden making our own nature themed magical wands, so we could be just like the wizard and the Fairy Godmother in the story we were reading ‘The Princess and the Wizard’. We all loved making up our own spells … we even turned poor Mrs Musk into a frog!


Marnie said “Bippity…. Boppity… hoppity… frog!

Welcome to Reception 

We have all really loved our first full week in reception. We have spent lots of time getting to know our new teacher, friends, classroom routines and rules. We have all been to the secret garden, where we explored in the maze and hunted for mini-beasts. We enjoyed a story read by Mrs Musk in our school library, we even had the chance to get our own books from the shelves and read them with our friends. We have been to the PE hall where we moved around, pretending to be like different animals. This week we have also started phonics lessons and have already learnt the first four sounds; s, a, t, p. We have had so much fun and are very excited for the year ahead.