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Nursery Gallery & Work 21/22


The children have make jellyfish and crabs from paper plates.

Nursery said:

Ethan said, “Going to do a jellyfish.”

Jay said, “Putting eyes on.”

The children have enjoyed placing the correct amount of figures onto numbered puddles (blue paper) and singing the nursery rhyme Doctor Foster.

Nursery said:

Harley said, “It’s five people.”

Joshua said, “One, two, three, four people.”

This terms topic is on water.

This week saw the children looking at sea life and they have been using tweezers to save sea life from polluted water (jelly). This activity was to encourage hand and eye co-ordination. Some children even managed to place the correct amount of sea life into numbered bowls.

Two year olds said:

Lily said, ”Look fish!”

Nevaeh said, “Oh shark!”

Nursery said:

Harry said, “That’s number three. I need three.”

Fraya said, “Got to put them in slowly or you’ll hurt them.”

Gabriella said, “Got two, I need one more.”

Anti-Bullying Week

To talk about being kind to others, Jeffrey the persona doll came to Nursery. He said other children were not being kind to him. The children discussed ways to help Jeffrey and to be kind to others.

Dylan R said, “Give him a cuddle.”

Cruz said, “Need to share our toys.”

Eviie said, “Play with our friends.”

Gabriella said, “We say no I don’t like that and tell the teachers.”

Scarlett said, “Need to have kind hands and feet. Sharing is caring.”

Our Nursery children said:

Melody said, “It’s rolling fast.”

Layton said, “Lots of lines.”

Evie said, “Wow! Look at my picture.”

Eviie said, “Making a poppy.”

Harley said, “Need it flat.”

Romani said, “Got to colour it all.”    

Last week in nursery, the children enjoyed rolling marbles covered in different coloured paint on black paper to make bonfire pictures. This week the children have enjoyed making poppies. The children choose red chalk or crayon to colour paper bun cases. The children then glued on black pompoms for the centre of the poppy. For the stalk, the children used lolly sticks.

Our two year olds said:

Nevaeh said, “Oh!”

Kiana said, “Marble’s rolling.”

Our Nursery children said:

Romani said, “King in his castle.”

Joshua said, “Making food to eat.”

Gabriella said, “Using these shapes to make a castle.”

Willow said, “Three triangles. It’s a castle!”

Dylan R said, “Sprinkles on.”

Billy said, “Runny icing.”    

Princesses and castles

Last week in nursery, the children enjoyed being kings, princesses and knights. The children used 2d shapes to make castles. They decorated strips of card to make crowns. The children enjoyed playing with figures in the castle. At the end of the week, children choose from different icing and toppings to decorate their own cake.

Our two year olds said:

Rosie said, “Sparkly crown.”

Gracie said, “Castle.”

Kiana said, “Triangle.”

Our Nursery children said:

Dalton said, “Argh! a pirate.”

Boden said, “Going to be a pirate.”

Willow said, “Making a telescope. What can I see?”

Fraya said, “I’m a pirate!”


This weeks’ snuggle up for a story, read by one of the nursery staff, is Ten Little Pirates. This week in nursery, we have had a number treasure hunt, making telescopes and eyepatches. We have talked about treasure and asked the children what their treasure would be at home.

Our two year olds said:

Leo said, “Coin.”

Arabella said, “One.”

Our Nursery children said:

Connie said, “That’s a one and a one. Two ones.”

Nicole said, “Look a number four.”

Interests and preferences.  

This week our theme has been our interests and preferences. In focus time, the children have been talking about what they like to do in Nursery and what they like to eat.

Our two year olds said:

Nevaeh said, “Painting.”

Kiana said, “Monster.”

Settling in.  

Wow, what a start to the Nursery term! The children have settled in and are enjoying exploring all the indoor and outdoor areas. The children have had lots of fun painting, drawing and reading. Nursery would like to thank parents and children for all the support.

Gabriella said, “I can get up here.”

Romani said, “What’s that?”

Dylan said, “I’m cutting it.”

Evie said, “I’m playing with the diggers.”