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Year 6 Gallery & Work 21/22

“The thing I love about Year 6 is that everything links!”

We are really enjoying delving into the past in Year 6, and the majority of our lessons focus on important aspects, events, places and people linked to World War Two.

In one of our first history sessions, we listened to the same radio broadcast declaring war that was heard on the wireless in September 1939. We then read the transcript of what Neville Chamberlain had said to prepare our country for battle, and we knew one thing: we could do better! 

In our English lessons that followed, we built up a huge bank of formal (posh, as some of us call it!) vocabulary and we got into the role of a fearless leader ready to lead his fellow Britons into war. We hope you enjoy reading some of them here – don’t forget to put on your best Chamberlain voice whilst you read!

House Captains!

One of the most prestigious roles we can hope for in Year 6 is the job of House Captain! It is our responsibility to set an example of good behaviour, sportsmanship, learning and friendship to the other children in school. We also share words of encouragement on our weekly assembly zooms in front of the WHOLE school!

Throughout the week, we make sure that our teams are on track and on a Friday lunchtime we put our maths skills into practise when we count up the points for our teams in each class throughout the school.

So far this term, we have seen a good amount of points earned in each house team…but we can always do better. Come on Hartley, Clanny, Dawson, Doxford and Swan – work hard and let’s succeed together!

What a great start of the term we have had in Year 6! Our days are already jam-packed with the learning we are doing and the children are giving 100% effort in all of their lessons.

Our classes are named after rivers in the UK this year; Miss Clarke’s is Wensum and Mrs Anderson’s is the river Witham. We are all part of a big Year 6 team and are doing brilliantly settling into a new routine.

Our Autumn term topic is World War Two and we are already diving into the key facts and information in our lessons. Witham and Wensum are eager to share our work with you, so if you don’t yet have access to Free Flow, please get in touch with your class teacher or the school office!