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Year 3 Gallery & Work 21/22

This week in English we have begun looking at chronological reports focusing on the Celtic Iron Age. We have looked at coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and organised sentences in the correct order.

This week in maths we have started a new topic of division. We have used the whiteboards during practical lessons to share numbers into equal groups, and have begun using number lines to help with division problems.

In history, we looked at images of Bronze Age artefacts. We wrote down our initial thoughts about the material it was made from, the purpose of the object and who might use it. We made some excellent predictions and learned about some interesting Bronze Age objects.

In English, we are working towards writing our own newspaper report about when a Stone Age man was sighted in our school car park. To make sure we sequence our report correctly, we placed the key events in chronological order.

This week, we have been learning about the rock cycle. We used shavings of white and dark chocolate to replicate the shards of rock, applied pressure and heat so the chocolate mirrored each stage of the rock cycle. We had to read instructions to make sure we were carrying out each stage of the experiment correctly.

We then cut out pictures of the chocolate eat each stage to sequence the experiment.

This half term, we have been learning new methods to add and subtract numbers. We have been using counters to make this a bit easier for us, which has been extremely helpful when we have had to bridge and exchange tens!

We waited for the paint to dry then cut out shapes that resembled the rocks of Stonehenge from black card, and stuck these over the top to look like a silhouette. What do you think of our finished pieces?

Stonehenge artwork

This week, we have been working hard learning about Stonehenge. We have learned where it is, and how it was built. We have even created our own sunset style pictures of Stonehenge.

To do this, we worked hard on mixing together colours. We chose red, orange and yellow as we thought these looked most like the colours of the sky during sunset. We used our knowledge of primary colours to mix red and yellow to make orange. We then painted these onto a sheet of paper and tried to blend them together to make an ombre effect.

As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been looking at Cave paintings. We talked about the images, what colours were used and how they were able to create the colours without paints. We sketched our own on tea-stained paper then shaded them using oil pastels!

In English, we have been working hard on improving our work. We were given a piece of writing which we had to up-level using adjective, adverbs and prepositions. We are going to use this knowledge to improve our own independent writes this week!

We are working hard this week on writing a setting description about a Stone Age cave. We are using our 5 senses to describe that would be around us, and we can’t wait to show you our finished pieces!

Since coming back to school, we have been working so hard in Year 3! We have done lots of work "all about us". We created a leaflet all about ourselves, then used our excellent literacy skills to write it!

In maths, we have been learning all about place value and the value of 3-digit numbers. We have been using our reasoning skills and even applying our knowledge to solve some tricky problems.

We have done a lot of PSHE work since coming back to school all about friendships. We have talked about what makes a good friend and how to welcome new children into our class. We thought of some really good advice!

We have also been looking at the artist Pablo Picasso. We learned he was from Spain, lived in France and was famous for painting faces. He had a very unique style of art which we tried to recreate using a collage of facial features.