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Highfield Academy

Year 2 Gallery & Work 21/22

We have also been continuing with our learning of phase 2 phonics and how now learnt half of the sounds! Mrs Telfer has been so impressed with our amazing segmenting and blending!


Phoebe said “I made pig and gas look p..i..g, pig. G..a…s, gas. I loved reading my phonics reading book with mam, I showed her how we do phonics like that, she wrote in my book too!”

Our first PE topic for this year is football and we have started working on our passing, accuracy and power during our PE sessions.  The children loved it and quickly learned they must control their passing to ensure it got to the other player.  We will be moving onto dribbling, ball control and shooting in the coming lessons to make sure the children have the skills to be ready for a match at the end of the term.