IRIS Learning Trust was formed in June 2018 and is based in the North East of England. We are proud to serve our communities and aim to offer outstanding educational provision.
The Trust believes that to be successful and promote a culture of excellence and aspiration, we need to place improving the lives and outcomes of children at the heart of everything we do.


create a culture of high expectation and commitment to success


through our daily work secure excellent academies for our local communities

grow and learn together

work with children and families to create great places of learning for all

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Highfield Academy

Year 2 (classes 7 & 8)




We love Reading in Year 2!

In Year 2 we do a lot of reading and we love to choose our own books from the reading area.  We have met many new characters and been to lots of different places as we love to lose ourselves in a good book!

Our Judo Taster session!

We had the pleasure of learning some beginner judo moves.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the coach and learned a lot! We had to work in small groups and in pairs which supported our group working skills while we were exercising. It was so much fun! 

The Great Fire of London!

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.  In English, we have been writing descriptive sentences and trying to develop our vocabulary choices in our independent writing.  We have also been looking at what life was like back in London in 1666 and comparing it to life now and discussing how things are different including transport, homes, jobs and way of life. We have used the computers to do our own research. It has been very interesting and we can’t wait to learn more about it!

Our trip to Washington Wetlands Centre

The Wetlands Centre certainly lived up to its name when we visited this term, despite the rain we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We learned a lot about habitats and lots of different animals. We especially enjoyed seeing the otters and learning about what they need to survive. We loved the flamboyance of the flamingos we saw getting their feed.  We had the opportunity to feed some of the birds from our hands and also to go pond dipping where we found some under water mini-beasts.  We are going to write a recount of our experiences in our English lessons.


Tri-Golf session at Silksworth

This half-term we visited the Puma Centre at Silksworth where we had a great morning learning to play different golf games to improve our basic skills. We had a lot of fun working in our teams and the staff there praised us all on our impeccable behaviour and attitude.  Congratulations to the top three teams, Miss Kirtley’s team came in 3rd place, Miss Glendinning’s team came 2nd and Mrs Milburn’s team came in 1st place. It was a great morning!



Hunt for Microhabitats!

We have been learning all about different habitats in our Science lessons. We all became mini scientists and investigated different micro-habitats and what is living in them.  We found a lot of creepy crawlies and did some writing about our discoveries.


Our World

We have had a lot of fun in our recent Geography lessons where we have learned about the seven continents of the world. We have also used an atlas to locate and name the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities. As you can see we had a lot of fun being Geologists!

Living Things

In Year 2 we have started our new science topic, Living Things and their Habitats.  We enjoyed our first science lesson this week where we learned about living and non-living things and how they are different.  We sorted items into different groups and decided if they were living or non-living.


Since returning back after the summer holidays we have been working on our place value skills.  We have been learning how tens and ones make up a 2-digit number.  We have used whole-part models, bead strings, base 10 and place value charts to support our learning.  Here are some examples of their amazing practical activities.