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Highfield Academy

Year 6 (classes 16, 17 & 18)



YEAR 6 (CLASSES 16, 17 & 18)


Y6 Lifesmart


On Tuesday 25th June, Year 6 spent an exciting morning at Valley Road Academy and we arrived to find that the military bootcamp we were to take part in was another Lifesmart Mission! After running an enduring assault course, working as a team and toasting marshmallows we were finally declared ‘Fitsmart’.

It was fantastic morning getting muddy and wet and a little bit fitter.

We would all like to say a big thank you to everyone a Valley Road Academy for a wonderful morning.



Learning To Stay Safe


On Friday 7th June, Year 6 took part in another mission at Safety Works in Gateshead.  We spent the morning learning how to stay safe at home and out on the streets and we were finally pronounced ‘Safety Smart’.  All of our teachers and families can now feel confident in us keeping ourselves safe as we begin our journey to secondary school.



Spectacular Suspense Stories


The amazing work continues in Year 6 with some brilliant writing in English. We were given a short story idea entitled ‘It’s a Mystery…’ and a few sentences which made our imaginations run wild:

Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, he walked inside…

We then thought what possibilities could lie beyond the door and came up with some weird, wonderful and spooky ways to complete the story.

“I loved that each person could create their own world behind the door!” – Leah, Class 17.

“I really enjoyed leaving my story on a cliff hanger!” – Alexa, Class 16.

“It was enjoyable to build the tension in my story.” Hannah, Class 18.



Centre for Life


On Tuesday 4th June, Year 6 spent an exciting day at the Centre for Life in Newcastle and we arrived to find that the circulation workshop we were to take part in was another Lifesmart Mission! After learning about how exercise affects our heartrate and about the capacity of our lungs, we were pronounced ‘Healthsmart’.

Exploring the rest of the centre, it was fantastic to spend time learning about how our brains work, the science behind superhero powers and we ended the day taking a journey through gaming history! Even the teachers got involved playing computer games from their childhood to present day.

Lacey commented, “It was a great trip! It was strange to see a real brain up close.”



On Thursday 23rd May, ten Year 6 pupils and one Year 5 pupil represented Highfield at an athletics tournament. The pupils competed in a 75m sprint, a 600m run, standing long jump and howler throw. All pupils did themselves and the school proud. We are eagerly awaiting the results to see if we progressed to the next round!



Year 6 (classes 16, 17 & 18)

Spring gallery



Frozen Kingdom

Year 6 have enjoyed learning about the Antarctic and Arctic regions this term. We have carried out research about the different regions, produced stunning artwork and even made our own mini igloos.

Al Sylvester: Inspiration by perspiration

To help us understand what it really is like in the ‘Frozen Kingdom’ we were delighted to welcome Al Sylvester to Highfield to let us know what it feels like to visit Arctic conditions.  Al is an ex-Royal Air Force squadron leader who led a team to the South Pole.  We had a fantastic time listening to his stories, asking him questions and even trying on the kit.  Here is what some of our pupils thought about the experience:

Max, “I learned that even if things get hard I must keep going just like Al.  He had determination to succeed and achieve.”

Leah, “I loved all of the interesting facts Al told us.  My favourite story was when he got frost-bite and still carried on through it all.”

Ryan, “Al Sylvester is an explorer who went to Antarctica on a mission to reach the South Pole.  He ended up getting frost-bite in both of his thumbs and swapped them for his big toes but they fell off as well!”

After he had visited, we were inspired to write interviews and diary entries in the role of Al.



Save the animals!

As part of our topic we have researched endangered animals, we then wrote letters to humans trying to convince them to take notice of the animals and do their best to help them.

Sporting opportunities

There have been many opportunities to take part in sporting competitions this term.  Teams competed at Farringdon Community Academy in dodgeball and tag rugby.  Some Y6 pupils enjoyed participating in the panathlon bowling competition.  We also hosted a gymnastics festival with Valley Rd and there was a very high standard within the competition. 

Fletcher, “We came second in the tag rugby competition and only lost out by one point, but I still enjoyed the afternoon.”

Quinn, “I scored a try for my team and it was the first one I had ever scored.”

Jack, “Bowling was amazing.  I got two strikes, Brooklyn got a spare and we all got a medal!”



Bargain buys

At the end of the Spring Term we had great fun designing our own helpful gadgets and designing adverts.  Here are a few examples of what our young entrepreneurs came up with:



A ‘Cracking’ time had by all

We ended the term with a fun-filled Easter craft afternoon.  It was lovely to see so many parents joining in and it was hard to tell whether it was pupils or parents who were having the most fun!  Some egg-cellent designs were entered into the egg competition and some beautiful Easter cards were made.  A wonderful way to end a successful Spring term in Year 6.

Tia, “On Easter craft afternoon, I decorated an egg like Cinderella but unfortunately it cracked on the table!  My Aunty helped me with it and I still enjoyed the afternoon.”

Alyssa, “I made a butterfly with my dad that had eggs in the middle.  It was great fun.”

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