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Year 1 Gallery & Work 21/22

This week we have been learning about Christmas and how it is celebrated by different people. We have looked at Christianity and made out own Advent Wreaths. We made some candles, 3 purple and 1 pink to make our Advent Wreaths.

In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction to 20. We used dragons and castles to help us to solve the number problems. We then used number lines, counting the jumps to find the answers to our number sentences.

In English we have been looking at time words. We have been writing instructions using time making sure we use them in the correct order. We followed instructions to make our own Pudsey biscuits.

When we came into school on Monday we had a bit of a surprise. We has some dragon eggs and a letter from the dragon. We checked the camera and we found a DRAGON had come to school. We have been thinking about ways to catch the dragon and how we can lure him back to school to collect his eggs. We made some dragon food to help catch the dragon and make him come back for his eggs!

We will keep you updated!

We then found a letter from a dragon called Dippy. He asked us to go and look for some sticks for him in the garden, so he could make a nest. He said he wanted some long sticks, some short sticks and some medium sized sticks. We had lots of fun searching.

This week in year 1 we had an unexpected visitor. Whoever it was left some foot prints in our classroom! We think it might have been a dragon. We measured the foot prints to see if they were all the same size, or if some were longer or shorter than others. There were 3 different sized foot prints so we think maybe 3 dragons visited us!

October is Black History Month. In Year 1 we have been learning about Mae Jemison who was the first black women to travel to space. We were so impressed to learn that she was a doctor before she became an astronaut. We painted portraits of  Mae Jemison and used pastels to add the details of her face.

In maths in year 1 we have been learning about addition. We looked at the whole part model and explored different ways we can part numbers. We then looked at number bonds to 10 and found how many ways we can make 10. 

This week we have been looking at addition. We noticed that every time we add numbers together the answer gets bigger. We used aliens to help use create our own number problems.

In Year 1 we have been learning about the artist Peter Thorpe. We looked at lots of his artwork and discussed what abstract art is. We then tried to create our own Peter Thorpe inspired art by smudging pastels with paper towels, and adding on shooting stars using white paint and tooth brushes. We had lots of fun doing this, and think our artwork looks amazing!

Our topic in Year 1 this term is all about Space. We have learnt lots about different astronauts and have started to learn about the different planets, the Earth, Sun and Moon. This week we have worked hard to order the planets in our Solar System – the Milky Way – and have made planet necklaces. We had so much fun colouring in the planets, practising our cutting, and working on putting the planets in the correct order. We think they look fantastic! We have also been learning  about how astronauts live in space, and we had a go at making astronaut food. We had to add water to hydrate it!

Since coming back to school, we have been having a great time in Year 1. Last week we read a story called ‘My Pet Star,’ about a girl who finds a star who has fallen from space. She looks after him and makes him all better. We then decided to make our own pet stars and looked after them. Then, this week, when we got to school on Monday, aliens had invaded the classroom. They had left lots of…. UNDERPANTS! We have been working hard to solve the mystery of the underpants in our classroom, and it has been pants-tastic!