Charging Policy


By Law, no state school can make a charge for:-


  • Education wholly, or mainly, within school hours;
  • Materials and ingredients for things made in school which pupils or parents do not want to keep;
  • Visits in, or outside, school hours which are necessary for an examination.
  • Although music tuition in schools is no longer funded by the LEA we have never charged for this vital part of a child's education and continue to nurture a successful Orchestra which is open to all children and parents who wish to learn:


Charges may be made for the following:-

  • Certain excursions where a third party is involved;
  • Board and lodgings where a school activity involves a residential element;
  • The exact cost of "optional extras" (ie. things not connected directly with the National Curriculum).


Trips play an important part in the life of the school and it is hoped that we can maintain them at the present high level and that parents will help to make them possible by their voluntary contributions if needed.

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