The Department for Education issued an Academy Order for Highfield Community Primary School

to convert to an academy with

Valley Road Community Primary School

as part of the Iris Learning Trust. 

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The children have had a challenging day filled with so many new experiences. Both teams have been gorge walking. They left the centre determined to stay dry but all of them returned with wellies filled with water!
They are learning to stay positive and help and support their fellow team members.
Tia - I loved going through the tunnel when I was gorge walking.
Lacey - I got really wet but I was fine and it was great fun.
Alyssa - I had butterflies doing the big swing at first but then afterwards it felt amazing.
Max - I am petrified of heights. I did the big swing. At first I nearly cried but then I started to laugh and enjoy the view
Leah Sm - I've done a lot this week that I've enjoyed. I am safe here, do not worry.
Lidia - It's been scary, funny, wet and a challenge. I'm proud that I've achieved a lot.
Neve - I liked orienteering. I can now read a map. I'm looking forward to the big swing.